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Your Deluxe Membership gives you exclusive access to personalized instruction from love industry thought leaders,
each with decades of experience helping people find lasting success in their personal and professional lives.

Each week our experts bring you powerful presentations that will help you find and keep the love you desire and deserve.
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Antia & Brody Boyd
Love Coach Team

Nikki Raichart
Health and Nutrition Expert

Paulette Rees-Denis
Life Coach

Lia Dunlap
Spiritual Coach

Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson
Sex and Intimacy Coaches

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish
Intuition Love Expert

Nancy-Lynn Hoffman
Dating Coach

Linda Bard
Creative Expression Expert

Chris Hoffmann
Responsive Communication Expert

Camille Virginia
Offline Dating Expert

Jamie O’Neill
Skin Care and Makeup Expert

Ashley Roda
Expert Wardrobe Styling

Jacqueline Nichols
Expert Matchmaker For Love

Raeeka Yaghmai
Dating with Confidence Coach

Tiffany Thoen
Self Care Coach

Cathy Gasper
Reiki Master – Energy Healing

Abbey Kent
Power of Affirmations Expert

Susan Ball
Self Love Activist

Barb Gilman
Relationship Coach

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker
Soul Mate Attraction Expert

Discover Love Academy

Founded by Executive Professional Matchmaker – Jacqueline Nichols

Well, I am happy, very happy to report that, thanks to Jacqueline, I have found the woman of my dreams on this site! and am officially, “off the market”! The “one on one” meeting with her made all the difference…Blessings to all who are signed up! Keep the faith, keep smiling and above all, don’t give up on LOVE! Wow! She really loves me!!!

Great Guidance! Jacqueline knows all of her clients and their details. She can make excellent, informed dating suggestions!

I’ve been meaning to write you because I met a wonderful man about two months ago. He fits your description down to personality and physicality! Thanks again for all your support and guidance on this incredible journey, I’m so grateful for this magical life. Love to you!

I have been working with Jacqueline for some time on my quest to find the love of my life….I am so impressed about Jacqueline’s dedication. She genuinely cares about her work, and above all, cares about her clients’s well being… Thank you for working alongside with me, Jacqueline…

Knows their stuff!!!!!  I am new to “the agency” but with just the few contacts I have had with Jacqueline I am acutely aware she knows her stuff! Relaxed, warm, open to who I am and where I am going… highly recommend following this path!

We were just talking about you the other night. We both agree that we probably never would have met if it were not for you and that it was like being introduced through a good friend. We DO have a happy relationship. Everything is going really great and we really enjoy each others company.